Retreats for Life Education, Togetherness and Celebration.

Salag, Dharamshala, India

In this camp let us come together as a universal family to inspire each other by

thinking upon…

How can I/my family/society be in continuity of happiness, who or what am I, what is everything or {something particular like human, humanity, consciousness, energy, existence.}, how does existence work, what are our most fundamental needs that we need to fulfill most, what does any relationship mean and how to fulfill them, what is nature of our conscious and physical needs, what do we need to co-create, maintain & pass on to our children & future generations materially and consciously, what is full potential of human life, how to get there, what to do, what not to do, what about money, career, entreprenuership, development, evolution, economics, science, technology, abundance, freedom, democracy, power, politics, religion, family, villages, society, food, environment, world order, human behavior, future of humanity so on and so forth..?

Recent talk and Q&A by Ayush in IIT Kanpur.

Relax and enjoy nature & togetherness

We will be together as family, taking care for our needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. We wish to provide you a nurturing environment that inspires questioning & thinking. You will make new and long lasting human connections. Accept. Feel accepted. Relax and be at ease.

Contemplate, understand and realise

How can I & we be in continuity of happiness? Who am I as human? What is this world? How does the world of consciousness work? Get to understand and experience yourself as human (consciousness and body) and interconnectedness with all-that-is. Explore answers in depths of silence, in presence of wild nature, experienced guidance and caring & meditative company.

Talks, discussions and QnA

We will come together to touch upon the meaning & scope of our human existence, the universal human needs & resolution (as individuals, families, villages, countries and society). Building upon a set of proposals, we will develop a shared, objective and holistic understanding of Life, Existence & the way to live as humans. Our shared understanding and realised knowledge shall guide us in the right direction for rest of our lifetimes on Earth

Change your life. Change the world.

Gain a fresh perspective and inner experience that will change your & your family’s life and empower you for overall growth and harmony. Find permanent and holistic resolution for your and our human co-existence, and for all our children born and yet to be born. Get inspired and empowered to work towards greater fulfillment in yourself with all your relationships. Your success will have a positive impact on all those you touch directly or indirectly through the seeds of right understanding and Karma.


Aimed to touch upon depth and breadth of nature of self, existence and human resolution.











The village is quite serene with natural sounds and very less road traffic. Its also a pilot village for Lifemaker’s Project.

Living in Himalayan Forest

The camping site is at roughly 1400m height, surrounded by forest, has adjacent river, has a valley as well as top of Dhauladhar view and is accessible by a dirt track.

Healthy Living and Eating 

Do and learn basic hatha yoga, pranayaama and other energetic exercises . Eat healthy and light food and learn new and healthy ways to live

Supports Lifemaker Initiative

All the gains from the project go to lifemaker undivided human society for furthering its aims and objectives.

The camp has a cost of 1000 per person per day to cover for food, tent stay, site rent, activities, infrastructure, operations, staff and for furthering Lifemaker’s aims and objectives. Ordered food at cafe is not covered in this cost.

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